Psychology Practicum

The Department of Psychology offers a wide range of places for students to earn practicum credit (PSY 409), and students are encouraged to sign up and get real life experience!

Here's how to do it.

  1. Go to the Psychology Blackboard Site. There is a current and complete listing of all approved sites, ranging from working with children, to working with the seriously mentally ill, to working with the juvenile justice system.
  2. Contact the sites you are interested in working with, print out the contract provided, and take it to the program.
  3. Bring the signed contract to Alicia Ibaraki (practicum coordinator) for credit approval.

Guidelines for Psychology Department Practicum Credit

Practicum Credit (1-9 hours, P/N only) PSY 409

Practicum credit hours are repeatable up to 9 credits. However, only 4 of these credits will apply toward your elective upper-division credits in psychology, and the credits you earn must come from an accredited practicum (see below).

See the Psychology Course on your Blackboard site for further information.