Where to Get Help and Additional Information

Undergraduate Education Committee

For instructors

The department chair, the Teaching Effectiveness Program (tep.uoregon.edu; 346-2184; 68 PLC), and colleagues can offer very useful advice on teaching techniques, materials, and methods. Also see the faculty handbook.

For students

Instructors, TAs, and Academic Learning Services (356-2184; 68 PLC) can be counted on for guidance on how best to learn; the Writing Center (at the Academic Learning Services) can be a very helpful resource for all sorts of written assignments.

To remedy complaints, first contact the instructor. If you feel this does not result in a satisfactory solution you are encouraged to consult with the head undergraduate advisor and/or department chair if necessary.

Academic Honesty

UO web site regarding academic honesty at: www.uoregon.edu/~conduct/
Because some students are not entirely sure what counts as academic dishonesty, we encourage you to read the discussion of plagiarism and other forms of dishonesty at www.uoregon.edu/~conduct/sai.htm.

Students with Disabilities

Disability Services
Voice: 541-346-1155
TTY: 541-346-1083
Email: disabsrvatuoregon [dot] edu
Web: http://ds.uoregon.edu/

Graduate Students

UO's Advice on Faculty-Grad Student Interactions

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