Guidelines for Teaching and Learning

A Statement of Best Practices and Expectations

Undergraduate Education Committee

1. Introduction

As members of the University of Oregon Department of Psychology we all share responsibility for creating an atmosphere conducive to learning. A collaborative learning environment both in and outside of the classroom involves the active participation of instructors (including faculty members, adjuncts, and GTFs), teaching assistants, and students. This environment requires:

  1. the best effort on the part of both instructors and students to enhance the learning experience for the benefit of all persons involved;
  2. the recognition that all present play important roles; all participants in the learning experience deserve respect for what they bring to it, and all should be sensitive to the importance of others in this process;
  3. an atmosphere in the classroom of mutual respect for all persons.

Guideline Sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Mission of the Undergraduate Program
  3. Best Practices for Students
  4. Best Practices for Instructors
  5. Special Student Concerns
  6. Where to Get Help and Additional Information

Acknowledgements: The Teaching Center at Washington University and Sue Heckler, Wright University