Undergraduate Advising

There are many opportunities for undergraduate psychology majors to receive advising. 

  • The Psychology Peer Advisors are available most days from about 10-4 and provide assistance for a variety of problems from help with figuring out your schedule to how to sign up for a practicum to advice on the GRE and getting into graduate school. They are located in 162 Franklin Building and can be contacted by calling 541-346-4936 or emailing psypeersatuoregon [dot] edu.  Like Psychology's Peer Advising on FacebookNOT open during the summer.
  • The head undergraduate advisors are jagdeepatuoregon [dot] edu (Jagdeep Bala), ayeeatuoregon [dot] edu (Alicia Ibaraki), and mfongatuoregon [dot] edu (Michelle Fong) who are available for all academic advising: evaluating transfer work, setting up practicum opportunities (Alicia), and general trouble-shooting.
  • Summer 2014 office hours: 
    jagdeepatuoregon [dot] edu (Jagdeep Bala) (General advising and transfer courses) 207 Franklin Building; 541-346-4953:  Not available during the summer.
    ayeeatuoregon [dot] edu (Alicia Ibaraki) (General advising and practicum coordinator) 162A Franklin Building; 541-346-4924:  Please email Alicia for appointment availability.
  • mfongatuoregon [dot] edu (Michelle Fong) (General advising and peer tutors) 162A Franklin Building; 541-346-4924: Fridays, 11:30-12:30.

All of our advisors are trained to help you to tailor your class schedule to your needs.  We can help you with planning all of your requirements -- university and major requirements.  Please visit any one of us if you are confused, needing help, or just want to chat about your options for a successful experience at the University.  You are ultimately responsible for understanding your degree audit and finishing all requirements successfully.


Change of major/minor

To add or drop Psychology as a major or minor, submit your information here.  Once your form is processed by our department, you will receive a confirmation email.  When your transcripts in DuckWeb are updated to show Psychology as your major or minor, you should be able to register for restricted courses if you have the prerequisites.  If you have any questions regarding changing your major or minor to Psychology or have problems registering for psychology courses, email csalmonatuoregon [dot] edu (Cindy Salmon)Change of major/minor forms will not be processed during the initial registration period of each term.  For fall term registration, this restriction will be in place beginning May 15, 2014 through May 26, 2014.


Undergraduate Handbook

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