Undergraduate Admissions Information

Psychology is the study of why and how people and animals act the way they do. Since the behavior of living organisms is very complex and can be looked at on many different levels, psychology is a very diverse field. For example, a single behavior such as reading this page may be examined from the level of the brain and its cellular and electrical activity (physiological and neuroscience perspective), to its human performance aspects (cognitive experimental perspective); from its origins in childhood (developmental perspective), to its roots in personality and pathological processes (personality/psychopathology), and finally to its context in the social system (social psychology).

Psychology is currently the most popular major in the College of Arts and Sciences and one of its strongest programs. Majors complete course work in each of five concentration areas outlined above: human experimental psychology, biological psychology and neuroscience, social psychology, personality-psychopathology, and developmental psychology.

Our liberal arts approach is for those who are interested in studying psychology with a view toward understanding the diversity of human nature; its relation to literature, science, and the arts; and its contribution to general intellect. Our students place less emphasis on technical skills such as giving tests and conducting experiments and place more emphasis on the theories and ideas that serve as background for research.

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