Mike Wehr (Systems Neuroscience)

Associate Professor

Office: 213 Lewis
Phone Number: (541) 346-5866
E-mail address: wehratuoregon [dot] edu
Web Page: http://www.neuro.uoregon.edu/wehr/

Research Interests and Publications:

Dr. Wehr studies how local circuits in the cerebral cortex encode and transform sensory information. His laboratory uses mouse auditory cortex as a model system to investigate how cellular and network properties shape cortical responses to a continuous and temporally complex stream of sensory data. Research in his lab combines aspects of both cellular, systems, and computational neuroscience, by using the tools of molecular biology and cellular physiology to address systems-level questions. By using a variety of methods including optogenetics, in vivo whole-cell and single-unit electrophysiology, behavior, and imaging, the laboratory is trying to identify the cellular and synaptic mechanisms with which cortical circuits process auditory information, leading ultimately to our perceptual experiences of acoustic streams, such as music and speech.

To learn more about current research, and to download publications, please visit http://www.neuro.uoregon.edu/wehr/

Selected Publications:

Montgomery, N., and Wehr, M. (2010). Auditory cortical neurons convey maximal stumulus-specific information at their best frequency. J Neurosci 30:13362-13366.

Scholl, B., Gao, X., and Wehr, M. (2010): Non-overlapping sets of synapses drive on-responses and off-responses in auditory cortex. Neuron, 65, 412-421.

Wehr, M., Hostick, U., Kyweriga, M., Tan, A., Weible, A., Wu, H., Wu, W., Callaway, E.M., and Kentros, C.  (2009): Transgenic Silencing of Neurons in the Mammalian Brain by Expression of the Allatostatin Receptor (AlstR).  J. Neurophys.

Tan, A. and Wehr, M.  (2009): Balanced Tone-Evoked Synaptic Excitation and Inhibition in Mouse Auditory Cortex.  Neuroscience.

Scholl, B., Gao, X., and Wehr, M. (2008): Level dependence of contextual modulation in auditory cortex. J. Neurophysiology, 99, 1616-27.

Wehr, M., and Zador, A. M. (2005): Synaptic mechanisms of forward masking in rat auditory cortex. Neuron, 47, 437-45.

Wehr, M., and Zador, A. M. (2003): Balanced inhibition underlies tuning and sharpens spike timing in auditory cortex. Nature, 426, 442-446.