Alice Graham (Clinical)

Doctoral Student

Office: currently on internship
Phone Number:
E-mail address: agraham2atuoregon [dot] edu

Research Interests and Publications:

My research interests center on early emotional development in the context of various sources of early adversity. I am particularly interested in the potential impact of stressors during early, vulnerable periods of nervous system development. My current work focuses on the use of neuroimaging during infancy to examine key neural systems that may mediate between early environmental stress and subsequent risk for emotion related difficulties and psychopathology. I have also utilized longitudinal modeling to pursue questions about the impact of early adversity on symptomatology and hormonal indices of the stress response system. I hope to use multiple methodologies to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of how sources of early adversity, ranging from more common (e.g. family conflict) to severe (e.g. caregiver transitions), lead to altered development of key systems underlying emotional development. The ultimate goal of this work is to inform prevention and intervention efforts by identifying potent stressors and highlighting the nature of potential difficulties.

As a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program I have the opportunity to work with children and families in a variety of settings.  My clinical training is in cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, family management, parent training, and school readiness programs for at risk pre-schoolers.

Selected Publications:

Graham, A.M., Fisher, P.A., & Pfeifer, J.H. (in press). What Sleeping Babies Hear: An fMRI Study of Interparental Conflict and Infants’ Emotion Processing. Psychological Science.

Bruce J., Fisher, P.A., Graham, A.M., Moore, W.E., Peake, S. & Mannering, A.M. (in press). Patterns of Brain Activation in Foster Children and Nonmaltreated Children During an Inhibitory Control Task. Development and Psychopathology.

Berkman, E.T., Graham, A.M., & Fisher, P.A. (2012). Training self-control: A domain-general translational neuroscience approach. Child Development Perspectives, 6(4), 374-384.

Graham, A.M., Yockelson, M., Kim, H.K., Bruce, J.B., Pears, K.P., & Fisher, P.A. (2012). Effects of maltreatment and early intervention on diurnal cortisol across the start of school: A pilot study. Child Abuse & Neglect, 36, 666-670.

Graham, A. M., Kim, H. K., & Fisher, P.A (2012). Partner Aggression in High-Risk Families from Birth to Age 3: Associations with Harsh Parenting and Child Maladjustment. Journal of Family Psychology, 26(1), 105-114.

Graham, A.M., Ablow, J.C., & Measelle, J. R. (2010). Interparental Relationship Dynamics and Cardiac Vagal Functioning in Infancy. Infant Behavior and Development, 33, 530–544.