Kimberly Espy (Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience)


Office: Johnson Hall
Phone Number: (541) 346-2090
E-mail address: kaespyatuoregon [dot] edu

Office Hours: By Appointment Only

Research Interests and Publications:

Dr. Espy, a trained clinical neuroscientist and professor of Psychology, is the Director of the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory. In her federally-funded research, she pioneered the integration of cognitive neuroscience tools and advanced multilevel growth modeling methods to 1) characterize the normative development of emergent self-regulation skills in young children and infants, and 2) identify the antecedents of learning and behavioral disorders in medically at-risk populations. As a co-author of the BRIEF-P®, a standardized rating scale to measure the behavioral manifestations of preschool regulatory skills, Dr. Espy is active in technology transfer and clinical translational application. Publications from the laboratory appear routinely in neuroscience, developmental, pediatric, and child psychiatry journals.

As Dr. Espy serves as Vice President for Research and Innovation as well as Dean of the Graduate School, she will not be accepting any new students at this time.


Dr. Espy currently serves the UO as Vice President for Research and Innovation and Dean of the Graduate School. For more information, please visit