Holly Arrow (Social/Personality, Small Group Dynamics, Psychology of War)


Office: 239 Franklin Building
Phone Number: (541) 346-1996
E-mail address: harrowatuoregon [dot] edu
Web Page: http://blogs.uoregon.edu/gwlab/people/holly-arrow

Research Interests and Publications:

Dr. Arrow has two major research interests.  The first is the formation and development of small groups as complex dynamic systems.  The second is the psychology of war, in particular the evolution of social capacities that help men and women cope with the challenges to survival and reproductive success posed by war.

Selected Publications:

Hannagan, R.J., & Arrow, H. (2011). Reengineering gender relations in modern militaries: An evolutionary perspective.  Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, 12, 1-19.

Arrow, H., & Henry, K.B. (2010). Using complexity to promote group learning in health care. Journal of Evaluation of Clinical Practice, 16, 861-866.

Arrow, H. (2010). Cliques, coalitions, comrades, and colleagues: Sources of cohesion in groups. In R. Dunbar, C. Gamble & J. Gowlett (Eds.) Social Brain, Distributed Mind.  Proceedings of the British Academy (158), 269-281. Oxford University Press.

Smirnov, O., Arrow, H., Kennett, D., & Orbell, J. (2007). Ancestral war and the evolutionary origins of ‘heroism.’ Journal of Politics, 69 (4), 927-940.

Arrow, H. (2007, October 26).  The sharp end of altruism. Science, 318, 581.

Arrow, H., & McGrath, J.E., & Berdahl, J.L. (2000). Small groups as complex systems: Formation, coordination, development, and adaptation. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.