Developmental Program in Psychology

Developmental Psychology

The Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon has recently expanded the scope of its developmental program with the addition of new faculty and new emphases in the graduate curriculum.  Our current program offers extensive coverage of development during infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Several areas of research are strongly represented including cognitive development, social-emotional development, developmental psychopathology, and developmental social neuroscience.  Particular areas of expertise within these broad areas include imagination, theory of mind, executive functioning, self-concept, infant processing of action, and the relation between early social understanding and language learning.  Collaborations among developmental, cognitive, clinical, and social/personality faculty and students are common.  The developmental group also has strong links to Oregon Social Learning Center, Prevention Science Institute, Oregon Research Institute and the interdisciplinary Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences.  A developmental emphasis in the clinical program offers clinical students an opportunity for extensive involvement in developmental research through the development and psychopathology training program.  In addition, clinical students may gain experience with children through child-focused practica in the Psychology Clinic.

The graduate program is flexible and tailored to the individual student's needs.  No rigid departmental distinctions are drawn among students whose primary interests lie in developmental, cognitive, personality, social, physiological, or clinical areas.  Financial support is available in the form of Research Assistantships on several research projects or Graduate Teaching Assistantships.


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