Doctoral Program in Psychology

We have moved!  During renovations to Straub Hall, we will be located at 1715 Franklin.  Directions are located here.  We have faculty and research facilities in two separate locations, the new Franklin location and the Lewis Integrative Science Building. 

The goal of the Psychology Department’s doctoral program is to familiarize students with the theories and methods of psychology in their own and other specialties, so they will be able to make original contributions in research, teaching, and applied work. 

The Ph.D. is a research and scholarly degree, and it is expected that students will be engaged in research throughout their graduate program.  The ultimate goal of the graduate curriculum is to enable students to formulate interesting research questions and to put those questions to adequate empirical test.  Therefore, student research is a basic and integral component of graduate work.

The research areas of study include:  Clinical, Cognitive/Neuroscience, Developmental, Social/Personality.

For further information and resources, please see the following:

Program Requirements

Application Procedures



Doctoral Student Handbook (Fall 2013)179.97 KB
Guide to the Clinical Psychology Program (Fall 2014)4.79 KB
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