Graduate Programs

We have moved!  During renovations to Straub Hall, we will be located at 1715 Franklin.  Directions are located here.  We have faculty and research facilities in two separate locations, the new Franklin location and the Lewis Integrative Science Building.

The Department of Psychology offers graduate work leading to advanced degrees in clinical, cognitive, cognitive/neuroscience, social and personality, and developmental psychology. The graduate program has a student: faculty ratio of less than 2:1 and the admissions process is very selective. Graduates of the Oregon programs currently hold positions at the Universities of California at Berkeley, Davis, and San Diego as well as San Francisco State, Brown, Chicago, Colorado, Harvard, Indiana, Iowa, Loyola, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Princeton, Stanford, Utah, Vanderbilt, Washington, Yale, and many others. Other graduates hold positions in public or private research organizations, medical schools, government, and human service agencies.

As in most psychology departments, faculty members with common interests have tended to cluster together into "areas," however our department highly values collaborative inter area discussion. To foster collaboration the department has instead clustered around intellectual communities which cross traditional research boundaries. The faculty want to help students become independent scientists who can use the ideas and techniques in their fields to pursue important scientific questions.

Doctoral Program

Individualized Masters Program