We have appointments available in June and July, 2010

Please contact us now if you’re interested in being involved!

 *Who:  Deaf adults (ages 18 to 50 years old)

  1. -profoundly deaf/ full deaf

  2. -genetically deaf since birth

  3. -no cochlear implant

  4. -rarely uses hearing aid

  5. -good vision (glasses/contacts are ok)

  6. -

  7. -*What:            Vision and touch brain study

  8. -*Where:         University of Oregon, in Eugene

  9. -*When:           June, and July, 2010


Contact Christina Karns for more information!

                     Email: ckarns@uoregon.edu

TXT: 510-847-9499

            Or relay by telephone: 541 – 346 – 4261


We hope you can participate and help us learn more about the brain.


Thank you!                                                   

Christina Karns, Ph.D.

Mark Dow

Helen Neville, Ph.D.

Brain Development Lab

University of Oregon

Brain Research Study for Deaf Adults

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What is MRI?

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What is EEG?

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 Who are we?

    We are brain scientists at the University of Oregon in the Brain Development Lab.

What do we study?

    We study how lifetime experiences affect brain development.

Why do we need your help?

    We are looking for Deaf adults to join an important brain research project in our lab! We are looking for adults with good vision, profoundly deaf since birth, with no cochlear implant, and who do not use a hearing-aid often. We are looking for Deaf adults with other relatives who are Deaf, or who know they are deaf from genetics/heredity.

What will you do if you participate?

     While you do some computer tasks, we will record your brainwaves using EEG or take pictures of your brain using MRI. Both of these methods are a very safe way of looking at brain activity. We will tell you more about this if you want to be in the study.

What are benefits of participating?

    You will be helping us to understand more about brain development. We will pay you $20 per hour, and also pay for your travel if you live outside the Eugene or Springfield area.  For the MRI portion of the study, you will be paid $50 per hour.  The study takes about 4-6 hours.